Ultimate Buying Guide & Reviews of Best Folding Bikes

In today’s techno-savvy world, folding bikes have become style statements as they make the rider look cool and trendy. They are specially designed so that one can easily fold it to ensure less storage space and easy transportation. These are eco-friendly bikes as they do not pollute the air. Cycling also ensures a healthy lifestyle as cycling provides the rider with great exercise.

Advantage & Benefits of Folding Bikes

Presently, numerous folding bikes are available on the market to suit the consumers every need and demand. Its special features and qualitative performance has helped it to gain the advantage over conventional bikes. Folding Electric bikes are available at affordable rates and they also have long-term value because of low maintenance. Most of the bikes are made of quality materials, like aluminum, and are rust resistant.

These bikes are very easy to fold and unfold quickly. Some bikes take even less than eight seconds to disassemble. They also ensure minimum storing space as if they are simple and easy to stow away anywhere – like the back seat of a car, in a closet, or even under a bed. Most of them have the added advantage of an unrestricted carriage and sometimes even a free ride on the public transport system as they do not occupy much space. Transportation is quick and easy because of the portability and durability.

Being lightweight, these bikes are easy to carry and thus avoid risk of theft. Small wheels and adjustable features help in maneuvering the bike to suit individual demands.

Folding bikes do not require the use of gasoline or any other fuel and hence contributes to an eco-friendly environment. The experience of cycling in a folding bike is different from conventional bikes as it runs more smoothly.

Best Folding Bikes 2019: Our Recommendations

It is necessary to evaluate a folding bike thoroughly before buying because it must be agile, portable and specifically designed to suit every individual need. Some important folding bikes and their reviews are as follows-

1. Dahon Mariner D7

Dahon Mariner D7 Folding BikeWith dimensions of 31.9*25.7*11 inches, Dahon Mariner D7, are specially intended bikes for boaters as it easily stashes inside every boat hold. It is handy and quick to use as it just needs fifteen seconds for folding and unfolding. Weighing 26 LBS, it is lightweight and easy to carry from one place to another.

An important feature of this folding bike is that it has brushed aluminum finishing and is rust resistant. Extra gears, beautiful design, easy handling, and the latest technology makes it one of the most sought after folding bikes at present.

2. Allen Sports Downtown

Allen Sports Downtown Folding BikeAn important feature of Allen Sports Downtown folding bike is its aluminum frame and frame-releasing levers that help in its folding and unfolding in just 8 seconds. It is a lightweight folding bike with a weight of 26 LBS and dimensions 33.5*28*15.4 inches.

It is inexpensive compared to other folding bikes with a listing price of $288.71 and even requires very low maintenance. 20-inch wheels with patented lock-system help in keeping the bike secure in compact form whereas hand brakes at rear and front makes sudden stopping a piece of cake.

3. DahonVybe

DahonVybe Folding Bike

If one is interested in buying a folding bike that is affordable and trendy then DahonVybe guarantees it with special features, up-market retro design, and latest machinery.

Its dimensions include 31.5*26*11.8 inches, weight 25.26 LBS, and listing price $399. It guarantees a comfortable ride because of strong brakes and reliable gears for easy navigation. It is easy to assemble and impresses the buyer by saving space after disassembling.

4. Dahon Speed Uno

Dahon Speed UnoThe newest technology, simple design, and affordable prices make Dahon Speed Uno popular amongst urban buyers. It is one of the lightest bikes with a 24.2 LBS weight and 30.3*25.2*11.8 inch dimensions.

Important features include easy and secured folding because of its double-lock system and suitable riding due to rear-coaster brake that provides single speed. It also ensures great performance as there is nothing to adjust in the absence of shifter or brake cables.

5. Brompton S1E

Brompton S1EBrompton S1E folding bike includes 16-inch wheels, 22.4 LBS weight and 22.2*21.5*9.8 inch dimensions.  It is a compact and lightweight bike that provides easy riding and suitable folding as well as storage.

The brand also promises customized features like gear, mudguard, frame color, handle-bar and saddle height for smooth and effortless handling.

Points to Keep in Mind While Buying a Folding Electric Bike

Various types of folding bikes are available on the market and the latest designs and are built with the newest and most modern technology. It’s necessary for buyers to decide whether they’ll need the bike for long or short travel purposes before they make a purchase. Folding bikes are available in numerous weight options and different dimensions.

Choosing a bike is an individual choice that depends on various factors. Assembling and disassembling is an important aspect of these bikes but it takes minimum time and effort for folding. In order to ride comfortably, it is essential for riders to choose the correct wheel size and bike frame. Nowadays, folding bikes provide strength settings and speed options for comfortable traveling.

Portability is the main aspect of any folding bike and therefore it is crucial to go for a lightweight purchase. These buys go through various safety measures so that they can receive authorized safe certificates. Quality material in a bike guarantees its durability. Most of the folding bikes have adjustable seats and handlebars to suit individual height and size and ensure smooth riding.

Although affordability is an important factor while purchasing a folding bike, one must not compromise on quality as it yields long-term value and benefits. Generally, a good folding bike can be purchased within a price range of $300 to $600. The more expensive the bike, the more added benefits it provides in terms of running smoothly and adjustable qualities.