Dahon Eco C6 Folding Bike Performance and Review

Dahon Eco C6 Brick Red Folding Bike is rather a style statement than being a simple bike. Exquisite features eloquently covered by the red color are not just impressive but very much inspiring as well. The exquisite bike inspires the trekker inside, it inspires the healthy one inside and it tells you to achieve the indispensable.

Dahon Eco C6

Dahon Eco C6 is here to leverage people with the capability to do more and achieve more in life.

Performance and Review

Reviews from around the world have been quite impressive; people not only love the red color but are also very happy with the amazing features. The extendable seats and the adjustable handlebars allow people to use one cycle for a family.

People with height between 5.3” to 6” can use this cycle with great ease and with little adjustments; exquisite features like rear rack allow people to carry impressive amount of loads with great ease. Bike weights somewhere around 13 kg but can carry loads up to 85 kg.

Bike proves that there’s more to life than commuting; the extreme power coaxes people to undergo trek and see how beautiful the world is.

Dahon Eco C6 is not only about power and style; it is also about small size and easily folding capacity. People can fold the bike within 10 seconds and carry it around the world in buses or cars.

There’s surely a lot this bike can do; professionals are more than happy to have a bike that is affordable, fits in small areas and serves with desired performance.

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  • Strong built
  • Stylish
  • Easily foldable
  • Can be carried with great ease
  • There’s more about it than performance


  • Available in only one color
  • Ships only in United States of America
  • Can have better speed system
  • Spokes of this bike are old fashioned and quite vulnerable
  • Lack of power brakes


Dahon Eco C6 is here to change the people look at bikes. This stylish bike can do anything highly costly bikes cannot. There’s a lot of exquisite features that makes this bike the best in the town.

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7.8Overall Score
Review Overview

Dahon Eco C6 is a perfect folding bike for riders within their budget.


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