Dahon Espresso Folding Bike Performance, Price & Reviews


    If a person is interested in a conventional bicycle but is unable to purchase because of storage problems then the right solution is in the form of Dahon Espresso folding bike. It is a road bike with fantastic features and its added advantage is its ability of compact folding. No doubt this bike is ready to face necessary challenges considering its feat and capability.

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    Performance and Review

    Dahon Espresso is a folding bike that excels in its performance and gives hundred per cent product value. It is brilliantly designed with up to date technology and is available in gorgeous Baltic blue color. A mudguard and a rack are provided along with this folding bike that has removable handlebars and folding pedals. It’s racing gears helps in providing maximum speed of 21 and is a joy and pleasure for people who are interested in fast riding.

    In order to enhance its efficiency it has features that include 20 inch frame to accommodate riders that have a height exceeding six feet. This folding bike in itself weighs 29.3 lbs but can carry a rider that has a weight of 230 lbs. Dahon Espresso is available in three standard sizes large, medium and small to suit the needs of every individual of varying heights.

    One of its vital features is its capability of assembling and disassembling in less than ten seconds. Its folding dimensions are 13.3 *36.7*30.8 inches and can easily fit inside a car trunk. As it is lightweight it is easy to carry from one place to another and thus provides convenient portability. Its 26 inch wheels are perfect for absorbing any kind of sudden shocks on the road. Comparing its features with low-cost price one can easily understand that it is simply a bargain.

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    • Speeds: 21.
    • Folding Size: 13.3″ x 36.7″ x 30.8″ (34 x 94 x 79 cm).
    • 26-inch wheels.
    • Frame size: Small, Medium, Large.


    Dahon Espresso has been able to make a name for itself as a full-size folding bike. It provides lots of benefits and some of them are as follows-


    • Portability
    • Durability
    • Adjustable features
    • Affordable pricing
    • Easy and quick folding

    Besides advantages every product has few disadvantages also and some of them are as follows-


    • It has a sturdy frame that does not allow comfortable trip
    • It also has problems in shifting gears and is prone to skidding.

    Buy this Folding Bike From Amazon for $649.