Dahon Jetstream P8 Urbanite Folding Bike Review

Dahon Jetstream P8 urbanite comes from a reputed house hence it is going to be something special. Dahon has a record of producing amazing bikes hence we simply cannot look at its new products with susceptive eyes. Dahon Jetstream P8 Urbanite is here to change the game. Powerful built, extremely strong stem and the extendable features make it the best in the world. Only thing that pricks people is the high price.

Dahon Jetstream P8 Disc

Performance and Review

Dahon Jetstream P8 Urbanite folding bike is priced at $999 and is available on Amazon for instant shipping. People in United States of America can receive this bike within 24 hrs. if ordered now.

Dahon Jetstream P8 urbanite is extremely powerful with features that are going to impress professionals. Professionals are going to find a new love in this bike; it will allow them with the liberty of going anywhere in the world and doing things they always wanted to do.

Bike is quite popular hence they are some merchandise related to it available in the market. People can use these merchandise for decorating or for enhancing the potential of their bikes.

A lot more work can be done with the help of this bike; people can go out and use the available time for getting a lot of work done. Dahon Jetstream is here to bring the much-wanted change in the way people cycle. Power packed cycle will help people cover more distance with the less number of paddles; it will allow people to challenge their limitations and go beyond it.

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  • Strongly built
  • Takes a lot of pressure still works fine
  • Adjustable seats and handlebars
  • Powerful brake
  • Strong speed system


  • Available in only one color
  • Ships only in United States


Dahon Jetstream P8 is powerful, stylish, and impressive and can be customized. People including professionals are going to love this bike because of the exquisite package it is; more the challenge more the results with this bike. People can not only lose weight but also carry loads from one place to another. Bike is so very versatile and so very cool.

Buy this Folding Bike forĀ $949 from Amazon.

9.0Overall Score
Review Overview

Dahon Jetstream P8 Urbanite is truly high performance, affordable and high-quality full-suspension folding bike.


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