Dahon Mu P8 Folding Bike Performance, Price & Reviews


    Credited of being one of the most versatile bikes, Dahon Mu P8 has been appreciated as an all round folding bike by cycle enthusiasts worldwide. This exclusive bike is famous for excellent performance, classy designs and up market adjustable features. In order to show confidence in its product the brand has provided warranty on certain parts to its buyers.

    Dahon MU P8-1

    Features and Reviews

    A person who wants a foreseeable future bike tends to purchase Dahon Mu P8 as it has amazing features. This stylish bike promises great performance value and is available in diverse colors like obsidian and cloud white.

    Important feature of this bike is its capacity to fold up to dimensions of 11.7*30.8*25.7 inches that allows convenient storage facilities. It takes only fifteen seconds for folding and unfolding of this bike and it sure is very less timing. This folding bike weighs 11.2 kg and can hold a rider whose weight is 105 kg. Dahon Mu P8 bike is apt for riders that have height from 142 inches up to 193 inches as it can be easily adjusted to that point.

    Dalloy aluminium is used as material for making of Dahon Mu P8 folding bike frames. Wheel size of 20 inch runs at a speed of 8 and helps in fast riding. It has V-brakes and pivot bolts that afford brakes to work easily and smoothly. The post pump is a combination of floor pumps and seat post. Its adjustable handle post is made with forged aluminium and V-clamp technology. It has aluminium fork that has been completed with the help of fusion technology.

    Dahon provides a warranty of two years on parts like rear shocks and suspension forks of its bike and five year warranty on handle posts and bicycle frames.

    • Colors: Cloud WhiteObsidian.
    • Speeds: 8
    • Folded dimensions: 11.7″ × 30.8″ × 25.7″ (30cm × 79cm × 66cm)
    • Folding time of 15 sec.
    • Weight: 27.1 lbs (12.3 kg).
    • Frame: PA series – Dalloy Aluminum.
    • Fork: Dahon slipstream, Dalloy Aluminum.

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    Dahon Mu P8 has various beneficial qualities that have added to its value and some important ones are as follows-


    • light weight
    • Strong and sturdy features
    • Durable
    • Adjustable parts makes this folding bike stand out amongst its counterparts
    • Portability for providing easy transportation
    • Cool designing
    • Fast assembling and disassembling

    Some disadvantages related to this product are as follows-


    • Its locking system is plastic made and thus is easily broken
    • Not designed for speed purposes
    • Bumps and curbs can cause easy damage

    Special Price: $609 (Amazon).