Dahon Mu SL Folding Bike Performance, Price & Review

Dahon has a record of manufacturing stylish and powerful bikes; yet again Dahon Mu SL Folding Bike is impressive and pretty strong. Over the time better models have made debut in the market but there’s something about this bike that people love a lot.

Dahon Mu SL

The easily foldable capacity and the extremely less amount of weight allows people to take it anywhere in the world.

Performance & Reviews

There are hundreds of bike in the contemporary world, which can perform better than this bike but this was a rage when it debuted. Dahon Mu SL Folding bike is impressive and highly performance oriented.

It is one of those few bikes that helped people understand external use of bikes. This bike allowed people to carry it around the trek and experience the most of life. Dahon Mu SL Folding Bike 2014 is not only about style but about the safety and security as well.

High wheels ensure that riders are spared from the bumpy rides and are allowed to enjoy the ride. Life is going to get easier with one such bike.

Easily adjustable seats and handlebar helps families with a lot of riders save money. The rear rack is just another thing missing in this bike but it hardly harms the overall weight carrying capacity. People can carry impressive amount of loads with great ease.

Use of bike at treks and at undulated plains will put it to test but the bike will never leave you alone. The rimmed spokes and the technical advanced tires are going to leverage you with the requisite security and ensure that you are safe.

Bike lacks powerful brakes, which at times can be harmful. People need to be extra careful when riding at high speed.

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  • Powerful
  • Smartly built
  • Stylish
  • Can carry loads


  • Lacks power brakes
  • Lacks powerful speed system
  • Lacks rear rack
  • Ships only in United States


Dahon Mu SL Folding Bike is here to help people experience cycling like never before. Exquisite features and impressive design not only protects people but also helps them make a style statement.

Buy Dahon Mu SL Folding Bike for $1,571.09 from Amazon.

9.1Overall Score
Review Overview

A truly high performance folding bicycle.

  • Design
  • Durability
  • Mobility
  • Riding Experience

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