Dahon Vector P20 Folding Bike Performance and Review


Dahon Vector P20 Folding Bike

Dahon Vector P20 is one of those rare bikes with a weight of 11.5 kg but it is extremely powerful. People can explore the toughest of a trek with Dahon Vector P20. A bike is designed for extreme performance under all circumstances. The bike can be folded and transported from one place to another with great ease.

Dahon Vector P20 is more about performance and less about style. People from the contemporary world can use the bike for varied stuff like weighing management and commuting purposes.

Dahon Vector P20 Folding Bike: Performance and Review

Dahon Vector P20 is not just powerful but very much stylish as well. Unique design and heavy weight allow people to acquire extreme performance while the smart design keeps people safe and secure.

Dahon vector P20 is quite compatible in size but it still can be folded and transported from one place to another. Vector P20 is for everyone who is above 7 years in age. This bike lets people lose weight and also enjoy at the same time. Exceptional design and exquisite performance irrespective of the circumstance is something that makes it such a hit.

Forged alloy wheels and overall body makes it quite tough and usable under worse conditions. Seat and handlebars are adjustable, which allows people of different age ride it with equal brilliance. The speed system is yet another advantage of this unique bike.

The smart use of technology and aluminum has made this bike really powerful and unique. Dahon Vector P20 is going to impact the lives of every common man. Dahon vector’s compatible size makes it loved by people from across the world. There are a lot of people can do with this unique bike. Dahon Vector P20 lets people go beyond their limit and build a body that is exceptionally strong.


  • Strong built
  • Smart use of technology
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Exceptional speed system


  • Available in only one color
  • Only shipped in the United States


Dahon Vector P20 is for everyone who wants to work hard and get somewhere in life. This is one of those rare bikes that have everything in them.