Dahon Visc D18 Appletini Folding Bike Review

One of the most stylish bikes available on Amazon for grab. Dahon Visc D18 is priced $832.02 at Amazon, which is quite expensive given bike has no such special features. Unique features of bike include adjustable seats and extendable handlebars.  Dahon Visc D18 is going to help people remarkable progress with their fitness regime.

Dahon Visc D18

Performance and Review

Dahon Visc D18 fails to impress when it comes to performance; bike is extremely overpriced. Bike lacks exceptional features like power brakes and also extremely important speed system. Lack of speed system makes people look for another bike.

Visc D18 would have impressed people had there been some exceptions like adjustable stem but the bike only consists of adjustable seats. Adjustable handlebars allow people of different height from the same family enjoy cycling without a lot of hassle.

Extremely powerful built is an added advantage but in the long run it will not be effective without speed system. Lack of speed system will require more efforts from people, which may lead to fatigue. Yes! Bike can prove to be really beneficial for people with fitness goals.

Bike is here to help people manage their commute and also get in shape with great ease. World is in dire need of such bikes but the lack of important features turn Dahon Visc D18 into a disappointment.

The 30 pound weight can be easily transported from one place to another through buses or cars. Bike can be easily folded and carried from place to place.

Stylish design and the colorful exterior may attract kids but the bike fails to deliver. Lack of core strength and ability to carry weight will annoy people on daily basis. This bike is meant only for kids.

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  • Stylish
  • Colorful
  • Heavy


  • Lacks speed system
  • Lack of adjustable features
  • Not very strong


Dahon Visc D18 may look powerful but it is not. Lack of strength and absence of gear system makes it one of the worst bikes ever manufactured by Dahon. There are contemporaries with better pricing and with exciting features. Smart use of bike may help overweight people get into shape but it is not preferred for everyone.

Buy Dahon Visc D18 Appletini Folding Bike for $832.02 (Amazon).

6.6Overall Score
Review Overview

Lack of strength and absence of gear system makes it one of the worst bikes ever manufactured by Dahon.

  • Design
  • Mobility
  • Durability
  • Comfort

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