New 2015 Dahon Vitesse i7 Folding Bike Review

New 2015 Dahon Vitesse i7 is here to help people come over daily life challenges. Be it weight management or daily commute, Dahon Vitesse is here to help people with everything. Dahon Vitesse has aluminum frame that makes it quite strong and really faithful. Strongly built bike allows people to undergo trek and other similar adventurous without any worries.

Dahon Vitesse I7

With Dahon Vitesse i7 life is going to get easier because it will not only you with commute but will also leverage you with a weight lose option.

Performance and Review

Dahon Vitesse is here to eradicate the old age weight you have accumulated. Smart implementation of weight and other technologies is helping people enjoy a hassle free ride.

Extremely strong built also allow people to challenge their limits and do things they always wanted to do. The gap between fitness goal and reality is now going to get narrower.

Bike has a rear rack that can carry exceptional amount of weight and help people move things from one place to another. Bike has an exceptional folding time; it takes less than 10 seconds for folding it. Bike can be easily transported from one place to another using buses or cars. Folding feature and extreme performance makes it quietly the best bike in the contemporary world.

Shimano Nexus Internal Hub are here to help people get more strength from the bike. Bike suits people with fitness goals the most; it leverages them with the opportunity no gym can. Run or cycle and get in shape while increased stamina is an advantage.

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  • Made up of strong materials
  • Have impressive design
  • Can be extended
  • Easily foldable


  • Lacks speed system
  • Available in only one color


Dahon Vitesse i7 is here to change the way people cycle for better. New and advanced bike lets people set some realistic goals and achieve them with great ease. There’s a lot people can do with this bike. Everyone should get one of these bikes and start inching towards their fitness goals.

Buy Dahon Vitesse i7 from Amazon for $789.99 Only.

8.6Overall Score
Review Overview

This bike has so many strengths and definitely not one to be missed.

  • Design
  • Durability
  • Mobility
  • Comfort

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