Ford by Dahon C-Max 7-Speed Folding Bike Features & Review


Ford by Dahon C-Max is a bike with 7-speed system, which is quite powerful. Anyone looking forward to loose some weight should get one of these bikes for him or her. Smartly designed bike will not only help people lose weight but will also enhance their stamina.

Ford by Dahon C-Max 7-Speed

The 20” frame eliminates suspension and allows easier ride through tough terrains. Available in grey color, this is one of those rare bikes with everything people look for.

Performance and Review

Dahon C-Max has a rear rack that empowers people to carry weight with great ease. Dahon C-max can carry 220 LBS of weight without any hassle. Powerful build avoid any tear or wear. The extremely powerful system allows people to challenge their limits. With this bike by your side, you can aim to enhance your stamina on daily basis.

20-inched frame is something that will empower people to achieve great cycling speed without worrying about the roadblocks and other innocuous measures.

20-inched frame can be folded into pieces within 10-15 seconds; the small portable sized bike can be transported from one place to another in buses or cars.

Seven-speed shimano gear system allows people to challenge their limits on daily basis; extremely powerful speed system helps people reach varied places on time and get a lot of work done in less time.

Adjustable stem adapts according to the height of rider. Smartly designed seats and handlebars can also be adjusted in order to make rider feel comfortable. Dahon C-Max is simply the best bike for everyone looking forward to lose weight without hitting gym. This exquisite bike will help you look quite stylish while going through the toughest of training regime.

Heavy-duty alloy V-brakes are just another feature that makes Dahon C-max the best bike in the contemporary world.

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  • Seven speed system
  • Adjustable stem, seat and handle bars
  • Comes with powerful alloy brakes


  • Available for shipping only in United States
  • Rear back is less powerful


Dahon C-Max is here to stay and help people with weight management. Efficient use of this bike will enhance stamina on regular basis. One needs to take care of the delicate speed system.

You can easily buy Dahon C-Max for $298.04 (Amazon).