Schwinn Loop 7-Speed Folding Bike Performance & Reviews


    Schwinn is a famous American brand for fitness equipment; hence, Schwinn Loop 7-Speed is a popular folding bike. This brand is famous for its high quality products.

    Are you tight on budget and still want a folding bike that is functional, sturdy and performs well, then one of the bikes you can consider is Schwinn Loop 7-Speed.  This bike is under $200 and has a good rating on most of the reputed websites.

    The name Loop is given to the bike because of the shape of the frame. This shape creates more space for riders to get onto and get off the bike easily.

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    Performance & Reviews

    The Schwinn Loop looks attractive with low stand-over that is suitable to commute in the city. The frame is made of steel and is pretty durable and sturdy. The 7 gear mechanism helps the bike to run of various setting such as steep paths and hilly areas.

    The alloy frame is sturdy and can withstand rough roads and stable to navigate. The alloy linear pull brakes are durable and trusty. For proper performance, you must use riding gear such as lock, hydration pack, helmet, gloves, seat pack etc. If the bike is serviced properly and regularly, you can expect it to perform optimally for a long period of time.

    While the bike is a bit heavy compared to other folding bikes, for this price it is definitely worth it. Including the rear rack and fenders, it weighs around 33 lbs. The process of unfolding and folding isn’t too smooth. If you want to carry this bike around, you must have some straps for securing the wheels and a handle post as this bike doesn’t have a locking system.  It also has a built-in carrier that allows you to carry around more stuff while you ride.

    The Schwinn Loop is a cheaper option among the various available options for folding bikes. And even though there are a few downfalls, this bike is a truly excellent folding bike for small budget. This bike is one of the most popular folding bikes in the market for all it has to offer.

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    • Color: Black and Green
    • Weight: 33 pounds
    • 3-piece single-speed crank set.
    • City tires.
    • 7-speed Shimano grip shifting.
    • Wheel: 20-inch alloy rims
    • Folded Size: 16″ x 32.5″ x 26″
    • Low standover folding alloy frame to make it easier to fold and store.
    • Alloy front and rear linear pull brakes.
    • Fenders on both the front and rear to protect you from road spray.
    • Includes a heavy-gauge nylon bag to store the bicycle.


    For a little more than $175, Schwinn folding bike is among the best quality folding bikes that one can buy for this price.


    • The design is beautiful.
    • It is strong and can last for several years.
    • It can be folded easily as it has a good folding mechanism.
    • It is total value for money.
    • Brakes are easy to use and work great.
    • The adjustable seat is convenient.


    • You might feel that it is bulky and heavy even after folding, hence it is not very convenient for carrying around.
    • It lacks the locking mechanism to tie the wheels together when it is folded.
    • The carrying bag isn’t really useful.
    • Some of the components of the bike are not of high quality.
    • It is prone to scratches.
    • The height of the handlebar is not adjustable.
    • Crankset may get worn out easily and getting a replacement isn’t easy.
    • The seat is small and not too comfortable.

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