Vilano Urbana Single Speed Price, Specs, Performance & Reviews


    Looking for a folding bike for a short commute? Vilano Urbana is the bike you would want to have for those short commute activities such as going around the campus. This bike is not for long distances or for touring as it’s hard to go faster on a single speed bike. However, for a short and flat area, this bike is just perfect. It is made of aluminium and is when folded its dimensions are only 12’ x 32’ x 25’. This makes it a very compact folding bike. It can be unfolded and folded easily too. It is easy to assemble too. It has a basic and simple design.

    Vilano Urbana Single Speed

    Performance & Reviews

    Vilano Urbana is the lightest and the cheapest single speed folding bike with a coaster brake.  It is minimal in design without cables, shifters and V-brakes and is one of the most exciting bikes if you are looking for an entry level bike. It weighs just 21.5 lbs. It is designed for commuters looking for a folding bike that can be stored and carried easily. It’s easy to use and you won’t take too long to get used to it.

    The bike has highly operating coaster brakes. Even if this is something new for you, then it shouldn’t really bother you as they are really easy to use and work well.

    The performance of the bike is exactly what a single speed bike can deliver. It isn’t any different from other bikes of this type such as Retrospec Speck SS and Speed Uno. This bike is pretty comfortable for moving around on the roads in the city. However, if you are looking for a bike for moving around on uneven areas and hilly areas, then this might not be the perfect bike for you. To get around such areas, you will need to get off the bike to avoid slopes.

    It not only outperforms the geared bikes, but also outperforms the other models of single speed bikes. If you are looking to invest in a lightweight folding bike, then you must definitely consider this model. It is specially recommended if you have a tight budget. This bike is for someone who is looking for an easy to transport bike without really investing too much.

    So basically, while this isn’t the best option when it comes to purchasing a folding bike, it isn’t the worst option too. You will get what you are paying for and it will take you from one point to another safely.

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    Specs & Features

    • Colors: Gray, Black, White
    • Brake: Coaster
    • Wheels: 20″ Wheels
    • Frame: Aluminum
    • Handlebar: Aluminum
    • Seat Post: Aluminum
    • Weighs: 21.5 lbs


    When you can’t afford a single-speed bike that is more expensive, this bike is recommended.


    • It is compact
    • It is very lightweight
    • It is low on maintenance
    • The design is simple
    • It is economical
    • It is scratch resistant


    • Some of its components are cheap and not of the best quality, hence they may not be functional and durable like the other expensive bikes.
    • It is just a single speed bike so climbing hills quickly is difficult
    • Not everyone likes the coaster brakes

    Buy Vilano Urbana Single Speed for $179 (Save $220 on Amazon).